3 days, 2 nights

1-st Day

13:30 Arrival in Kiev.

Transfer to the hotel with guide assistance. On the route the beginning of General City Tour.

During the excursion you will be acquainted with an architectural pearl of Kiev – Vladimir’s Cathedral. It contains pieces of art of XIX centuries. The cathedral was painted by prominent artists Vasnetsov, Vrubel, Nesterov.

You will observe the Golden Gates, which were built XI century and formed a part of fortification constructions. They were destroyed in the 13th century, during the II World War and reconstructed in the 20th century, National Opera and Ballet Theatre, National University.

The tour includes visiting St. Sophia’s Cathedral - one of the biggest preserve-museums in Ukraine, which was built XI century in the times of Yaroslav the Wise. The cathedral was a residence of Kiev metropolitans and played the key role in Orthodox Rus destiny. It is a vivid examples of the Old Rus monumental art. The cathedral interior has been preserving from the time of its foundation.

You will have a chance to see monuments to outstanding historical figures: the monument to Prince Volodimir, to Princes Olga, to Prince Yaroslav the Wise, to Bogdan Khmelnitsky and to other prominent people, who made significant contribution to Ukrainian history.

You will be able to observe with, Mikhailovsky Gold-domed Cathedral is an distinguished architectural monument and a symbol of Christianity spiritual values in Rus. It was built in XII century and was restored the previous century.

After observing Ancient Kiev you will visit modern Kiev –. You will walk along Khreschatik, will hear history of this central city street, and observe view at Dnipro river and one of the oldest Kiev districts Podil from the sightseeing place near Druzhby Narodiv Arch (Arch of Folks Friendship).

Accommodation at the hotel.

20:00 Dinner is free.

Overnight in the hotel.


2-d Day

Breakfast at the hotel.

10-14:00 The Kiev-Pechersk Caves Monastery (Lavra), which is situated on the pictorial hills of Dnipro river, is one of the most interesting architectural and historical monuments in Ukraine. This monastery is called Lavra as it looks like a small monastic city, that is governed by clearly defined laws and procedures of monastic life.

The Kiev-Pechersk Lavra was founded in times of Yaroslav The Wise in XI century and is one of the most ancient monastery in Old Rus. This Monastery was the centre of Christianity in the time of Kiev Rus. Now the Lavra possesses a number of active churches and unique caves with the remains of Saints. The pearl of the Monastery is the Dormition Cathedral. Since 1992 the Lavra accommodates administrative buildings of Kiev Metropolia. The Kiev Theological Academy and Seminary, which revived their activity in 1989, also occupy several buildings.

Besides of panoramic tour in Kiev Pechersk Preserve you will visit caves with mummies of monks, Museum of Treasures and Bell Tower. From the sightseeing place of the Bell Tower you will have an opportunity to admire with a beautiful view of the gold-domed monastery complex and banks of the Dnipro river.

14-15:00 Lunch at the local restaurant.

15-18:00 After lunch the tour continues to St. Andrew’s Church a striking piece of baroque architecture of XVIII c. built according to the designs of well-known architect B. Rastrelli on the top of Vladimir’s Hill. Andriivskyi Uzviz (Descent) that starts from St. Andrew’s Church will impress you with its unique atmosphere. It is a short street meandering down through luxuriant vegetation of Vladimir’s Hill to the picturesque Podil. Numerous art galleries and shops of folk and applied art make this romantic street the cultural center of Kiev.

20:00 Dinner is free.

Overnight in the hotel.


3-d Day

Breakfast at the hotel.


Transfer to Pirogovo.

12-16:00An interesting tour to the suburb Pirogovo, where a national museum is situated. This custodian of Ukrainian cultural heritage is one of the biggest world museums in the open air. Its territory is divided into some zones of Ukrainian historical regions. Here you can see original huts, wooden churches, water and wind mills, also clothes, kitchen utensils dating back to the period of from 16th till the beginning of the 20th century. Atmosphere of Ukrainian countryside with its traditions and beauty of Ukrainian nature will give you great impression of travelling in time.

Lunch at the local restaurant.

Transfer to the airport.


End of services


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Rus 3*

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Lybid 3*

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President Hotel Kievskiy 4*

Twin std, bb

605 EUR

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280 EUR

93 EUR

PremierPalace 5 *

Twin std, bb

985 EUR

725 EUR

660 EUR

315 EUR

The price includes: 

- Accommodation at a hotel of chosen category (2 nights) including breakfast; 
- Transport service according to the program: 2-4 pax (comfortable minibus 5-7 seats); 5-10 pax (comfortable minibus 18 seats);

- English speaking guide assistance 
- Excursions with entrances fees

Lunches and dinners are note included.

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